Working Group on Echocardiography                             

President: Dr. Evagoras Economides

Vice – President: Dr. Andreas Christodoulou

Secretary: Dr. Krikor Simamonian

Working Group on Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing

President: Dr. Elias Papasavvas

Vice – President: Dr. Pantelis Kourtellaris

Secretary: Dr. Andreas Tryfona

Working Group on Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation 

President: Dr. Marios Lemoniatis

Vice – President: Dr. Lambros Kypris

Secretary: Dr. Pieros Georgiou

Working Group on Interventional Cardiology

President: Dr. Themis Komodromos

Vice – President: Dr. Savvas Constantinides

Secretary: Dr. Nicos Eteocleous

Working Group on  Congenital Heart Disease

President: Dr. Argyrides Kythreotis

Vice – President: Dr. Antonis Joseph

Secretary: Dr. Ourania Hadjisavva

Working Group on Cardiovascular Surgery

President: Dr. Marios Tanos

Vice – President: Dr. George P. Georgiou

Secretary: Dr. Chrysostomos Kokkinos

Working Group on Heart Failure

President: Dr. Vassilis Barberis

Vice – President: Dr. Theodoros Christodoulides

Secretary: Dr.Tatiana Michaelidou

 Working Group on Myocardial, Pericardial and Inherited Cardiovascular diseases

President: Dr. Hera Heracleous-Moustra

Vice – President: Dr. Loizos Michaelides

Secretary: Dr. Georgia Daniel